Portrait of a Laughing Teenage Girl with Glasses, in a dark turquoise coat (Stock Footage)

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Operating Systems &
Artist @afefelov68
Type Stock Video
Category Stock Footage > People
Movement Crab, Rack Focus
Composition Mid Shot
Age Teenage
Gender Female
Ethnicity Caucasian
No. of People 1
Source Audio No
Color Full Color
Setting Outdoors
Total Clip(s) Length 00:00:38
Resolution 1920x1080
Pace Slow Motion
Alpha Channel No
Number of Clips 1
Video Encoding Photo JPEG
Frame Rate 29.97
Looped Video No
Created 27 December 19
Last Update 27 December 19
File Size 854.11Mb

A teenage girl, a schoolgirl in a knitted hat, in a dark turquoise coat, with glasses and a school bag in her hands, is walking home from school in the square on an autumn cloudy day. Slow motion.